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Our company specializes in producing and selling the steerable epidural catheter for effective treatment the pain caused of the adhesion or inflammation in the nerves of spine.

We’ve grown so far in the interest of spine specialists and institutions, and we will continue to introduce a more sophisticated and safe medical devices for the treatment of spinal pain.

We are not just looking at the catheters.

Considerations for numerous situations, such as the adhesion status in the spine and the epidural space for each different person, the direction of the hands and eyes of the procedural person, and the pain that the patient feels when proceeding the adhesiolysis with catheter, are not just from the imagination.

The Sanat Epidural Catheter System is created with the combination of a lot of experience and a variety of anatomical knowledge, the design that makes adhesiolysis in the epidural space the easiest and most confident through the advice and clinical trials of many doctors and the best raw materials.

We’ve been conducting many certifications and tests, such as ISO 13485:2016, CE (Medical Devices Directive-93/42/EEC), KGMP, etc. to achieve our best quality of the product.

Contact our experts if you want more active and effective treatment of spinal pain.There's nothing we cannot solve.

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