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Intervan Inc. is a company manufacturing devices for minimally invasive spine surgery. It was founded in 2004 and started selling devices for spine surgery.

We introduced surgical procedures like 'Neurolysis', 'Neuroplasty' and provided the devices into the Korean market. It has played a leading role to make 'Epidural Neuroplasty' and device for it popular in Korea. Also, our technique and know-how related to the procedure based on experiences spread throughout Asia.

We set up a manufacturing facility in 2013 to focus on developing catheters for Neuroplasty(Adhesiolysis) with our own technology. As a result, the Sanat 2.0N catheter for Adhesiolysis, and the Sanat 2.8 catheter for Epiduroscopy and Neural decompression are now on the market in Korea.

Intervan Inc. aimed at the market of Asia and Europe from the beginning. We have a facility of 130 square meters and ISO 8(100,000 class) clean room to maintain the good quality of the product.

Our specialty and know-how based on experiences from the medical industry in Korea over the 10 years would be the basis of delivering information and technique of our products and the procedure to customers abroad. This is also our strong point that the other companies manufacturing similar products cannot provide.


Lead the market with innovative products,
oriented towards minimally invasive surgery

2018.09 Achieved certification of ISO 13485:2016 /NS-EN ISO 13485:2016(by Presafe)
2018.08 New Epidural Catheter - Sanat 2.0R MFDS Approved
2018.02 New Introducer Kit - 9F, 7F MFDS Certificated
2018.02 New Epidural catheter -Sanat 2.3N MFDS approved
2017.11 Participated in MEDICA 2017 (13 ~ 16 November 2017)
2017.09 Achieved certification of KGMP (TAIPAN, grade II)
2016.08 Achieved certification of ISO13485 (by Presafe)
2014.12 Launched SANAT series
2014.12 Achieved certification of KGMP (SANAT series, grade Ⅲ)
2014.10 Launched FlexibleScope 1.0
2013.11 Established a manufacturing factory in Seong-Nam
2012.02 Introduced double-steering epidural catheter
2011.08 Established Engen Inc.
2009.07 Introduced epiduroscopy technique
2006.06 Introduced the neuroplasty
2004.07 Established Incubeline Inc.